Of my “to do” list that was 19 items long by the end of last week, we are only carrying over 8 items. Hey, at least I made it more than halfway through the list. Of those 8 items, some of them are half completed already!

For example, the video editing. . . the long, boring process of clipping the clip, process, upload, repeat. I am about halfway through the vidoes that I have. Of course, there was another tournament last weekend that I am sure I’ll have more video to deal with if ever he brings it to me.

And the digital scrapbooking kits. . . I said I wanted to complete 2. One is already up and in the store. I am working on another one and it is almost completed. I just need to create some tags and do the Terms of Use file and we’re ready to upload to The Daily Scrap Mall. I am also working on an alpha to go with it.

The other things aren’t serious or major. They just need to be done. Hopefully none of them will take me very long.

Oh and I need to figure out just how many classes I am going to take this semester. Not sure. Can’t decide. I also need to figure out when I need to pay my tuition. Might be important, you think?

I don’t think my sanity is anywhere around here. If anyone has seen it, you’ll let me know, right?

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