It is only January

Not to brag or anything but it is only January 2 and I have one Christmas tree completely void of ornaments. The “Weeping Angel” is still perched at the top though. 🤣

Kyle asked, “we taking the decorations down early this year?”

Yes. And no! 

No, not because I internally want to. This is serious trauma for my spirit right now. I love Christmas decorations. 

Yes, miracles do happen. 🤣 It isn’t March yet. Go me!

Yes, because I bought 2 ornament boxes at Walmart last week and really wanted to know if they were a good fit for the ornaments before buying more. I didn’t know how many ornaments I could feasibly get into one box. I wanted to know how many I could get in them before buying more. The good news is the 2 I bought fit all of the “pop culture” decorations including the new additions this year and there is room for expansion for at least 2-3 more years. The only ornament that doesn’t fit is the light-up Buc-ee’s ornament. 🫣 It is too round. 

Classes start back up at BYU-Idaho on Wednesday. Aside from reading the syllabus, I am refusing to cut my break short. The syllabus, however, is enough to make me very glad that I did not register for more than one class this semester. Yes, because I do not want the added “internal guilt stress” of having them up until after mid-April because I just don’t have time. 

Yes, because my robot vacuum really needs to run. Badly. I had the brilliant idea to take it upstairs and vacuum my sewing room a few weeks ago. Brilliant! I have my Kirby up there and use it in there a lot. It does a great job getting up the pattern paper clippings, the thread clippings, the fabric clippings, the works. But I have discovered that it is NOT best for getting straight pins up. It works. It does pull them up. Nicely actually! Except…I upgraded my straight pin game this year to some nicer glass head pins than what I had been using. And I have discovered over the past year that instead of sucking them up and depositing them in the attached bag, it sucks them up…then…it spins them around and around and chews on them and then spits them back out bent and then the beater bar helps and embeds them into the carpet – bent. 🫣 It is a definite “no shoes no service” room. 🤦‍♀️ 

But…the back to the robot vacuum. 

It is a smart vac, right?!. So I took it upstairs thinking that it would just map another area and I could name it in the app. Yeah. No. Not exactly. The the thread wrapped roller aside, it did a fantastic job considering it was only on “low suck” mode. It even picked up pins that the magnetic sweep didn’t get. 🤦‍♀️ Great! Well, I put it back downstairs to charge and it had tried to vacuum the sewing room map downstairs ever since. So I just left it off the charger and haven’t run it since the trees are still up and we need to map around tree skirts. 🫣 I didn’t get out all the under the tree weighting things this year because we were out of town and I got the trees up so late to begin with. It was mid-December to be honest. Too late for me. 

So yeah, the the trees are coming down early in 2023. Just don’t expect this to be a continuing trend. It isn’t.

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