This morning was probably the hardest

This morning has probably been the hardest morning since moving. I just could not get myself up and moving this morning. I battled a migraine yesterday. Today I am in the migraine hang-over. I could not get my body moving this morning. I just wanted to sleep. And sleep. I would wake up and almost immediately fall back asleep. This is usually indicative of my body telling me it is getting sick. Since I am blowing green snot that is probably something I should listen to especially with the onset of the migraine symptoms.

I am amazed that I lasted this long with the change in environment and then plunging my body into an apartment full of triggers and allergens. There is nothing worse for me. I have been truly blessed to make it this long.

I have managed to get my head off the pillow finally. I have eaten breakfast. I have gotten dressed. I have even managed to get a load of laundry started. I feel like a slug. I want to go back to sleep already.

If the brain fog would just go away it would be better.

I have taken my medications and I am drinking water. We will see if that helps.

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