Not moving it again

I keep asking myself how much stuff is worth to me. I ask myself as I watch my sister pack and prepare to move. I ask myself this as I look at the stuff that remains in our house and garage – it still needs to be packed. As we prepare to downsize for a few months, how much does it matter to me? Do I really want it anymore? Do I really care?

For some things, the answer is “yes, I do care but I just do not want to deal with it anymore.” So I have found ways to move it out of my life so I can still cherish the memories without having to deal with the “baggage” so to speak. Having to move it many more times is going to cause me more stress than it is worth in my opinion. Besides, other people will enjoy it now. That is what matters.

I already gave up the guilt of having cans of wheat that I would never use. 

I still had all of these cans to deal with. In theory they were perfectly usable and I would use them eventually. The problem? I have not used them yet. Because they are safely stored in their #10 cans they are longer term storage and I am in no hurry to get to them – they are safe. Right?!. In theory. So no rush. They were fine while they were stored in the house even if they got banged up each time we moved them around over the many years we had them. However, when we moved them to the garage over this past winter, the humidity started to show just how much the cans had been banged up on the outside. Oh the guilt started to eat away at me again – 2 cans of rice, 2 cans of rolled oats, 2 cans of pinto beans, 2 cans of white sugar,  and 2 cans of macaroni. That was what remained of our encouraged to buy 1-month kit supplies all those years ago. Now I had guilt to go with them.

Fortunately, I had a friend who said that she would take them off my hands and use them up – guilt free. Thank you, Linn Macie, for ridding me of this guilt and the food supply. Now I do not have to move it across the state and store it and continue to have it sit unused while we wait for our house to be built. It will be in good hands and go to good use. 

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