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For those of you who have not figured it out yet, we are moving. I am not sure how some people have simply glazed over the fact that we are moving. It is not like we have kept it a secret. We have not hid the fact. We have even been publicly announced it. Alas, someone asked me the other day, “wait, what? You are moving?” I did not know how to respond to that exactly. “Yes!”

Today we spoke with the moving company on the phone and we set a date. It is getting closer to reality now. They will confirm if they can do that date with us between today (which they did not) and Monday. If all goes as planned, we will have the moving truck pulling out of here June 15, 2016. We will still have to come back to finalize the sell of the house as we do not go to closing on the house here in Tomball until June 20th.

This phase of moving is almost coming to an finite and definite end.

Today was a good day in that we spoke to the moving company and actually set the “moving” date. I needed that so that I could make other arrangements. I immediately called the storage facility to find out what I could do to get us a storage unit for everything. Since we are building a house and moving into a small apartment temporarily, everything that is in storage right now is essentially going straight to storage on the other end. Some of the stuff that still remains in the house will also go into storage for the remainder of our journey. The apartment is that small.

In my search for a storage unit on our last trip to Dallas, I was getting mostly “strike out” results. Most places did not have large units available. Most would not reserve more than 2 weeks out from the time of move-in. Even more of them would not reserve more than 7 days out. I needed an exact date! Today I had that. I could at least work with that date.

I called the storage place I had narrowed it down to. They had a single unit left in the size we would need. Crap! Not good! Ben told me to go ahead and reserve it and just rent it for the month ahead of when we would need it.

So I had to convince the guy on the phone that I KNEW what the heck I was talking about when I said I wanted the unit but we would not be moving into it for another month. Yes, I WANTED to pay the rent on an empty unit. I guess that they do not get that much.

Actually it would not be empty for long as Andrew could move his things from his dorm into it next week. It works out for him nicely.

The catch? They didn’t really allow for reserving 2 weeks in advance. They would only hold the unit for 48 hours at most. Okay?!. So tomorrow Lance and I head to the Dallas area for some mom and son time together. We’re going to go sign the lease on the storage unit and get that squared away and then we’re going to go spend some time exploring the new area. He has not seen it per say. The kids got to see the area we were looking at before we changed our minds.

Unfortunately, it will be Saturday so he won’t be able to get into tour his new school. I will have to bring him back up during the week for that. I will drive him over to see the model home on the house that we are actually building though. That is clear across town from where we are building, but he can at least see what we are building. I’ll drive by the apartment and show him where we are going to be living in the meantime. Maybe we will go check out a new eatery. I am not sure what else we will do. We’re going to figure it out tomorrow while we are there. We just have to be back in time for him to get a good night’s sleep and be at school on Monday.

I had this thought that we should go see if we can find a skateboard park while we are there. I did a quick Google search for some. I did not find too many. There appears to be one in Denton near the district football stadium and advanced technology center – Denton Skate Park. There also appears to be one further up US 380 in McKinney (Gabe Nesbitt Community Park) a little ways off the highway somewhere. That is something that we will have to research a little bit more when we actually move and have more time to drive around. We might check out these two if we have time.

When I was researching this, however, I discovered that the Parks and Rec options in the area are actually something worth looking into. We will have to figure out how that all works up there. It is not something that is really available in this area. I skimmed through their summer book for Denton County, however, and they have a lot of programs that look like they would be fun and are not too badly priced. Something to at least look into. Since we will be there for a good chunk of the summer it will be something to see if we can take advantage of this year. However, I know that we missed a lot of the registration deadlines for many of the things.

In my search, I found this link: http://www.discoverdenton.com/ . It appears to be a very helpful link for seeing what is going on in the area. I think I am going to be spending a lot of time on here checking out the eateries. They have links to their websites. Websites usually have menus on them. Maybe I can find a few that we can try out without me breaking out in a panicked sweat the minute we walk in the door. Eating out is so hard for me sometimes.

If you have not figured it out yet, we are moving to Denton County. We are actually moving to Little Elm, TX by way of Denton, TX. We will spend a few months in Denton, TX while our house is being built. Then we will start our new adventure in Little Elm, TX. Actually, our house is in an area north of Little Elm, TX but we will have a Little Elm mailing address. Some things in that area have an Aubrey, TX address. It is kind of hard to figure out just what is what. The easiest thing is to say that we are moving to Little Elm. So there you have it.

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