I am still washing bedding

I am still washing bedding, but I am getting closer to the end of the pile. I am not sure I will get it all done tonight, but I made a valiant effort.

The good news is that I am almost completely done with three bedrooms in the process.

Lance’s room is done. The only thing that needs to be done is reorganize the stuff on top of his dresser and get his trash can back in the room. His cello is not on the cello stand yet, so it looks a little disorganized still, but that will be a nice display and his bag will be tucked behind his dresser and mostly unseen unless you step completely in the room. 
Normally his skateboard and his helmet are sitting under his window. It got moved out of the way for me to vacuum up all the “new carpet” fuzz. I am sure that it will find its way to its rightful home. He’s pretty proud of his skateboard.
His new bedding is cuter than I expected. He decided that he liked it okay. At least the bed skirt and the pillow shams. The blanket, however, is “way too many stripes.” It is not nearly as bright as I expected from the pictures online. In some ways that is good. It matched his existing green sheets better than I expected. It meant I did not have to go buy yet another set of matching sheets. Of course once I got his sheets washed, I realized how ratty looking his sheets had gotten. Fortunately, this will also match the other light blue sheet set we already have so in a pinch if the fitted sheet does end up with a small hole in it we will be still be okay. There will be no crisis. 
I took a real good look at his bedding when I took it out of the package before I put it in the washer. Mostly I was paying attention to construction – how it was put together. I explained to Lance that it would not be hard to make it whatever he wanted once we got to Dallas and got into our new home if he truly did not like this blanket. Once we got settled we can go shopping and get him some fabric that he really likes and I can make him one. 
Truth be told…I already own A LOT of green fabric that I am going to make him a quilt with so we will not have to go shopping most likely. I need to make sure that I have far more “not striped” fabric than “striped” fabric in that stash before I get started on any quilt I make him. Good to know that he does not like stripes.
Andrew’s room is almost done. His blanket is still in the wash pile. He has pillows, I promise. Well, I hope I have enough pillows. Those are the pillow cases on the bed. 
We need to pull his dresser back out of the closet. He has the walk-in closet and the dresser fits in the closet with room to spare, but to make it look as big as possible, we will pull it back out of there and put it back int he room. The room is plenty big. We had it in the closet when we had need for him to share his room. It just never came back out of there. When the carpet installers were here they asked me where to put it. I told them along the wall beside the bed. They forgot and Kyle told them to put it in the closet. He had not heard me tell them to put it on the wall next to the bed. 
I just need to finish vacuuming up all the “new carpet” fuzz and put the cover over the “bathroom plumbing” access hole in the wall. Ben will replace the outlet that Andrew stuck the penny in when he was about 5 years old.
Kyle’s room needs a little attention still. It is close, but not quite there. We will take it over the edge tomorrow. 
You will notice that his bottom dresser drawer is not in the dresser. The bottom popped out of the drawer so we have to put it back together. Of course he has it loaded with stuff so he has to take care of that stuff. 
I asked him to make his closet neat and put the few things he had left in his room neatly on the shelf. When I went to put his quilts and fleece blankets on the shelf in his closet this morning when I stripped the bedding off his bed, imagine my surprise when everything was a jumbled mangled mess on the shelf. I guess I should be grateful it made it to the shelf. 
Of course he cannot hang up many of his clothes as his closet rod is too short. It has been a half inch too short for 14 years but it only became a problem when I painted the closet this last go round. I bumped the rod just right and put just enough torque on it to twist it on the only screw holding it in place on the center support bracket. It popped me in the back of the head as it twisted around. It was not a pleasant experience. How we managed to get 14 years before it fell like that I am not entirely sure. I guess we were lucky. Tomorrow I get to go buy a rod long enough. We will use this one to cut and replace the one in the downstairs hall closet that broke.
So his bed is completely made. His room is clean, it is just the shelf in his closet that needs to be organized.

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