Almost there.

We are almost there. We are so close we can almost taste it.

Unfortunately, it is late and my body is tired and sore. So I am calling it a night. Well almost. I am resting on the couch with my big ice pack and running more of the laundry through the washer and dryer. Today I have managed to get through the entirety of Lance’s laundry basket and I just put the last load of Kyle’s laundry basket in the washer. This included washing some additional bedding. See, I had not washed the mattress pad for our bed yet. I needed to do that to remake our bed.

Since tomorrow is Monday, I am still in reasonably good shape. Monday is 5th grade strings day and that means an earlier morning. This is good because it means I will get an earlier start to my day and can do some of the stuff that still needs to be done in the morning.

What still needs to be done? Mopping. My least favorite thing to do. It won’t take long as the floors are not that bad to begin with, but it needs to be done. Mostly in the kitchen.

Fortunately, all of the bathrooms have been surfaced cleaned and are done for the most part. A quick once over in the toilet and a quick mopping and they will be done.

It will be a quick straightening in the bedrooms in the morning to make sure all the beds are made and the dressers are closed, etc. It should only take a few minutes.

In the piano room, it is a dusting of the “lawyer’s cabinet” and cleaning of the glass on the doors. Then put the few trinkets in the cabinet. Nothing major in there. Should only take a few minutes.

In the living room, it is a mater of moving the blanket chest into the middle of the room for a coffee table look, close off the fireplace curtain thing, and empty out the excess blankets and laundry baskets. For now they will just go out in the garage.

The dining room is done. Just need to wipe down the backs of the cares to give them a quick shine. Oh and wash the table cloth if I get to it to give it a bit better drape. Then mop the floors.

The kitchen has a few misc items on the counter to clear off and then one last wipe down. Then mop. We are almost done.

The master suite has a couple of laundry baskets in them that will go to the garage until I can get to them.

It feels like a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders knowing that we are officially to this point.

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