Do not give up hope

Our current house is over 14 years old. We moved in mid-October 2001. This means that a lot of the stuff in the house is aged and often hard to “match.” This is not really a problem if you are not trying to find things that “go with” these items.

Unfortunately, because we are redoing the shower in the master bathroom for a variety of reasons, it requires us to find tiles that “go with” our existing tile floors because we are not replacing the tile flooring. Unfortunately the tile flooring is 14 years old and those tiles can be hard to find stuff to go with especially when you cannot walk into the store with a tile in hand. I can take a picture of the floor but that is only so good with different light, etc.

It has been an experience to say the least over the last few months.

That all changed last night when I found these tiles. I have been to Home Depot before, but I went back again. I found this tile collection and brought one home to see if it “went with” what we had on the floor. I laid it down on the floor, and check out how well it “goes with” the flooring. It is an almost identical match! It does not get any better than that if you ask me.


That is the tile collection we will use for the shower. What is it? Briton Bone. It is actually a bit more grey-ish than these pictures show. It is very neutral.

The shower is going to be very neutral. It is going to look very nice though and that is what we’re going for. Neutral, nice, and most importantly…not leaking!

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