If you marry my son…

If you marry my oldest son, this is “his” dowry…

What is it, you ask?

That is a real church organ – in the flesh. Okay, not flesh because that would be crazy. In the wood and circuitry and everything else that makes it a late 1970s to early 1980s church organ. Yes, complete with all FIVE of its UGLY speakers. The good news is that today, Andrew decided that he did not need the speakers and they will be hitting the curb for the garbage collectors (whether it be the trash men or the scavengers) to pick up.

Just kidding about this being “his” dowry. I know that is not how it works. The bride is supposed to come to the relationship with the dowry after all.


Actually, we are just moving it out of the house to make more room in the front room of the house for staging purposes for getting this house reading for selling. That and to make it easier to paint. That is the story we are telling and definitely sticking to.

The dowry story is better in my opinion. I mean, why should it work that the bride have to provide the dowry, shouldn’t the groom have to provide something in the relationship to prove that he’s worth it? This is not the way back when days after all.

Anyway, just know that if you are marrying Andrew…this comes with him…it is a part of the deal. He BOUGHT THIS. WE DID NOT BUY THIS FOR HIM! THIS IS HIS! So this goes with him when he gets married…unless of course one of his brothers buys it off of him. Then there can be negotiation for longer storage terms. I am being serious here.

I do love to hear him play it as fun as the story about how this thing came to be in our house really is.

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