One more brown belt test to go

Lance tested for his 2nd Kyu brown belt last night. He pretty much aced that test. After the experience he had with his 3rd Kyu test, I was happy to see him perform so well on this test. He tested with several other kids for rank advancement including his cousin, Katlynn. She was testing for her 3rd Kyu brown belt rank.

Sorry some of the pictures are blurry because they were moving and I had to zoom in quite a bit to get them.

Lance was setting up for some kicking drills. Grandmaster Johnnie Murphy was running the test so there was the potential for a lot of drills. They have to demonstrate mastery of all the basic kicks.

 Katlynn doing some kicking drills as well.

 Lance (left) and Katlynn (right) doing the jumping snap kick.

 They had to do combination drills during the test. This is a series of kicks, punches, and or blocks while moving forward and or backward across the floor. Check out the height of Lance’s kick (3rd from left).

Video of Lance’s board break. Pay attention. It is quick. It is by far my best board breaker. No fear. No hesitation.

Lance waiting for them to finish the testing result grade sheets. This was after a 30 minute endurance drill. Normally they let the kids spar each other, but today they did the endurance test.

Lance with his certificate and his new “stripes” on his belt. One more set of stripes to go and he can test for black belt.

Way to go Lance!

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