It is that time again…

I knew this day would come again, but wow…I was kind of blind sided I think. I received a text on Thursday, June 19, 2014, at about 8:00PM letting me know that testing was coming up for Lance. I was a little surprised to be honest with you. Lance had missed nearly a month of karate with his headaches, I suspected that would push him back a little bit. What came next caught me completely off guard.

He will be testing for Brown Belt.

What?!. How did that happen? How did we reach that stage?

Alright, now that I have recovered from the shock and realize that my little boy has grown up and it really is time for him to test for brown belt and reality has hit…I knew that it was well past time for him to test for brown belt in all actuality. The problem now is that I do not think that he is ready to test – right now. He does not know his stuff because he missed a month of classes.

I asked him if he would be ready to test. His test is in 3 weeks or so. He said that he would be if he went to class a LOT between now and then. I reminded him that he would be missing an entire week next week due to Cub Scout Day Camp. He knew that. I can get him there on Monday and he can stay for 2 hours of classes instead of the usual 1 hour of class, but that is the best we can do next week.

It looks like the two following weeks it will be 4 days of classes for 2 straight hours. It means that we will have to go straight to the dojo from Cub Scouts on Tuesday even if that is not the usual plan. We will have to see if we CAN get him ready for that test after all.

You know deep down, I think he can learn all the stuff for the test. Physically, he’s ready and capable. Mentally, I think he can handle it. It is just a matter of catching up to the 2 other kids that are ranked the same as him and making sure that his knowledge of the stuff he needs to know is up to par. Fortunately, he is a fairly quick learner when it comes to these things.

It will be a good challenge for him…

Now to go see if I can find the books we bought for the older boys to see if he can make sense of the stuff in the books and learn it from the books. One of the boys could the other was better from being shown. I wonder…

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