You, Andrew, were totally awesome!

Yesterday, we got this letter from Mr. Ledford. Andrew brought it home from school. See, auditions were finished and it was time to make the selections. This round of auditions were for the Chicago Trip in December.

The Chicago Trip in December is a big deal because it is to The Midwest Clinic: An International Band and Orchestra Conference held annually. This year it is the 68th Midwest Clinic. Klein Oak High School’s Orchestra was selected out of 161 orchestras to attend and perform. They are 1 of only 4 orchestras in the greater Houston area. This is a big deal.

This was the letter we received…

To whom it may concern…all the way down to what the details were. It was a very nice and thorough letter.

Here is a close up of the actual acceptance, “I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected for this prestigious group.” Like I said, this is a big deal. Not only are you representing the school, the school district, but also the area you come from.

Of course, I cut off in the close-up picture the details about the cost of the picture. It was $1450. Not pocket change. They leave December 16 and return December 19. This is a busy travel time and they are taking 110 students. Fortunately, that cost covers airfare, hotel, touristy stuff, food, and everything else that they will do there (except souvenirs). It is still a lot of money.

I am very proud of Andrew for being selected. This is a great honor for him to be in a group that can perform to such standards.

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