Lance’s EEG

Lance has been having really bad headaches for a while now. They have been bad since December. They have been especially bad the past couple of months. I finally broke down and took him to a neurologist in May. That was his first visit.

Today we had his second visit at the neurologist’s office for his EEG. They were checking his little brain for other things. Essentially they are trying to rule out anything else that could be going on, especially seizures. His Head CT that was ordered by the regular doctor’s office was perfectly normal, so no tumors or anything scarey like that. We did not actually see the neurologist today, but the staff we worked with today was very nice.

I went to have my Annual Physical done with Dr Corkran and then I went and picked Lance up from school for his 11:00AM appointment. I had Froggy in the car along for the ride so that Lance would have a friend along for the adventure.

First they had to prep his head for hooking up all the electrodes. Lance did not enjoy that as much because they were using an oil pencil and because of the thickness of his hair they had to rub a little harder. I think because of his headaches, he is just more sensitive than normal so that added to it.

Lance did not believe me when I told him that he had lots of little wires stuck to his head so I took a picture to show him. He was not impressed. He said, “I look like a science experiment.” Yes, Lance, you look like a science experiment.
Once they got him all hooked up and positioned in a recliner chair, they started the test itself. This took about an hour or so. They did various things to him. Having him open his eyes and close his eyes. They flashed lights at various speeds with his eyes open and closed. He even fell asleep during the test which is what they wanted so they could see what was going on while he slept. 
Now we just wait to see what the results are…

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