It is official – again

It is official…

I am the President of the Klein Oak High School Orchestra Booster Club…again.

I am not sure if I am crazy or if this was just an awesome year and I was ready to do it again. Alright, I know it was a decent year and I was ready to do it again…this time for both of my boys!

It is all for the students. Without a booster club they would not get such awesome clinicians in the quantity that they do. They really do have a big impact on their playing and it warms my heart to hear the great things about how “good” it is.

It cost roughly $6900 to pay for the three clinicians (violin, viola, and bass) this past year. We set our goal slightly higher than that just in case there were any variances we needed to account for. We set our goal to raise $7200 and we did that by December through the generous donations with Booster Memberships, our fundraiser dinner, and our Barnes & Noble fundraiser. The Klein Oak community came through for us.

So I might be a little crazy for serving as President again this year, but it will be another year of awesomeness. The Orchestra totally rocks!!! They are going to rock it in Chicago and New York…

Do not miss….

Klein Oak High School Full-Orchestra 
2nd Annual Master Works Concert 
Tuesday – May 27, 2014 
The Centrum on Cypresswood Drive
Featuring Carmina Burana

Tickets cost $10 at the door.
Proceeds will go to the Cypress Creek Community Center’s Pipe Dreams Project.

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