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This was a special UIL performance in that the pieces the Klein Oak High School Full Orchestra would not be played again. At least that is what we are being told. I really enjoyed attending recent UIL contests for both Andrew and Kyle and just watching the process. I thought I would attend Andrew’s Full-Orchestra contests, especially since they were playing the organ piece that would not be played again. I did not stay for their sight reading contests today due to the time restraints on the contests and them playing at 3:00pm, but I did get to see their stage performance.

They were still getting the stage prepped for performance, but I snapped a quick picture (zoomed in) so you could see the organ. That is Andrew’s organ there on stage. 

You cannot see Andrew’s face very well in this picture due to the graininess from the zoom and the stage lights completely washed all the details out of his face, but he’s roughly in the middle of the picture. He’s the the left of the skinny black line just to the left of the center of the picture.

That is Quentan Milliner at the organ. He is the selected organist for the Full-Orchestra for this performance. These guys never cease to amaze me. I never really would have thought of Quentan as an organist upon first meeting him at the karate dojo. After getting to know him better over the past couple of years with orchestra. These guys are just all the way around well-rounded.

The Klein Oak High School Full-Orchestra warming up for their UIL contest performance.

They did beautifully. I am just always uplifted after hearing them play. They can turn a not so good mood into a much better mood. They are amazing. Sometimes I forget that they are a group of high school kids and not some amateur orchestra group. They have their little quirks but they are not afraid to take on challenging pieces of music and they work until they can pull them off with style and grace. You can tell they are having fun doing it too.

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