Frog head

It is not unusual for Lance to greet me at the window of my car after school with something that will make me smile.

Today, Lance took his best “stuffed” friend to school. He had a “pass” that allowed him to bring a stuffed-animal to school and have it sit on his desk. He wanted to redeem his coupon today so Froggy went to school with him. He went tucked safely in his backpack with just his head sticking out of the zipped up pocket.

When I heard a knock on my car window, this is what I saw…

Froggy was perched atop Lance’s head. I am pretty sure that Lance walked down the quarter mile sidewalk with him this way – at least a good portion of the way.
Of course this photo opportunity was too good to miss. Love this child and honestly, I love that stuffed Frog too. Froggy has been around as long as Lance has been around and we have grown to accept him as one of our own.

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