Andrew and the NHS

Andrew tries to stay very modest about his level of intelligence, but do not let that subdued modesty fool you.

I was a little disappointed when I was told point blank that my son would not be attending the Induction Ceremony of the National Honor Society. I was told that he could not attend because of Orchestra. This was true. I was also told that he was only joining so that he would have it on his “resumé.” I am not entirely sure I believe this so much I think his modesty was coming out a little too arrogantly at that point. See his modesty is mixed with arrogance quite often so do not let it fool you…

So today he brought me this…

Andrew’s Certificate of Membership in the Klein Oak Chapter of the National Honor Society that would have been presented to him on April 30, 2014 if he had not been busy with Orchestra instead.
I am very proud of Andrew and his accomplishments even if he does not want to admit that he has accomplished anything spectacular. He does not have to admit it because I know what he has done even if he cannot see it himself. 
You cannot see your child make a 32 on the ACT the first time they take it and not feel some sort of pride in your own child. You cannot see that same child make a 2030 on the SAT the first time they take it and feel very proud of their accomplishment. You know that they have done well for themselves. You have to hold back asking if they are going to take it again because you know deep down inside that they do not have to take it again if they choose not to. 
You also know that receiving this Certificate of Membership to the National Honor Society is more than just a mark on the resumé as Andrew calls it because it was not achieved easily while carrying the IB workload. Andrew had to work to get there and he did it. Andrew managed to rise to the challenges of the IB coursework and not only meet them but overcome them. 
So Andrew….this is to you…do not run from this, my son. Be proud of who your are and what you do. One day you will look back at this and realize that this did matter just a little bit right now. In the long run in the thing we call life it might only seem like a tiny grain of salt in all that you will do, but for now let your little victories and accomplishments be just that…take joy and be proud. Life is too short to not be proud of what you have done and to only do it for the tick mark on the resumé. Let these accomplishments mold you and help shape who you are and make you a better person. 

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