A rose

Kyle knows that it is pretty easy to please me and simple gifts make me happy.

He knows that I kill live plants so those are usually out of the question. Really I do. I look at them and they whither up and die.

See, I did not get the “green thumb” from my father. He just has to look at the plants and they lay down deep, plentiful roots for him. I am dead serious, he looks at them and they grow beautiful, lush plants for him. Sometimes he does not even have to look at them, he can simply bring them home, put them in a bag of potting soil, water them once, forget about them and they will grow for him. It can look like a dead tree stump and it will put down roots in that bag of potting soil and sprout leaves and bloom in the spring. I am not lying. I have seen it happen.

From time to time, I will get a vase of roses but I am not that big into having a ton of money spent on something that will just look like crap in a couple of days anyway, so those are rare and far between.

Lately, he has been on this duct tape kick.

Kyle made me a duct tape rose for Mother’s Day. He said that it took him three tries to get it to look right. How sweet is that? I think it is perfect! A rose that will not whither or die…

I love you, Kyle!

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