Andrew is a Spanish Scholar?

Tonight, Andrew was inducted into the Spanish Honor Society at Klein Oak High School. He did not want to make a big deal out of it, but we had to assure him that it was a big deal. At least it was a big deal to his mother. He emphasized that it was resume padding for college. I do not care if he is only doing it for that purpose, he still had what it took to get in and that is a big deal to me – his mother.

The fact that he will be mostly fluent in the Spanish language to some degree when he leaves high school is not something that I take lightly. It is not something I can say about myself. It really is a big deal. It is an accomplishment by itself that should be celebrated. He did something big – he learned another language. He did it because he had to, yes, but he also because he wanted to.

It makes me wonder if we have begun to make our children under value their own accomplishment with the “every child gets an award” mentality? Have they been trained to think that this is something everyone has done? My guess is that not every child at Klein Oak High School that is taking a Spanish class was at the induction ceremony last night. I actually do not know because I was not in attendance (sad to say) because I had other child responsibilities to attend to, but he returned home at a reasonable hour so it is a safe assumption that there was only a selected number of students out of the student body in attendance.

Children’s accomplishments should be celebrated when they do something. I am not saying that everything needs pomp and circumstance, but they should be told they have done something different or above and beyond their peers. It is okay for them to be smarter or different. It is okay. 

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