A boat that floats!

They do some pretty interesting stuff in IB Physics at Klein Oak High School. Okay it is not just the IB students that get to participate in this Physics project. The AP and Pre-IB students get to participate as well.

I have to admit that I think this is probably one of my favorite projects that Andrew has done to date. This is his second year doing this. He will do this again next year because he will take another year of Physics next year as well. I am enjoyed the transformation even if obtaining and transporting and storing all the supplies is kind of obnoxious.

The project?
To build a boat out of cardboard and very limited other supplies. This year as a junior they were allowed a few more supplies than they were allowed as a sophomore. Next year as a senior, Andrew will be able to build it out of something more substantial like plastic.

The goal?
The boat actually has to float with two of their team members in the boat. The real goal is to row the boat across the high school pool, from one end to the other. They have to have at least two of their team members in the boat when it makes its voyage across the pool.

How do they get it across the pool?
Man power. They are provided with the oars to row it across the pool the day of the boat races.

Is there extra credit?
Absolutely. That is what makes it more fun. They get extra credit if they get a teacher in the boat with them. If their person in the boat with them is a person of “higher status” they get even more points. The ultimate person to get in the boat is the school district superintendent, Dr. Cain. 

Here is Andrew and his friend, Vu, carrying their boat into the school this afternoon. I had to actually deliver it up to the school for them at school release time so they could turn it in. Evidently I was the only one available with a vehicle big enough to transport it that could get it there at the appropriate time. The races are actually tomorrow after school.

The best part of the project is that the students have just as much fun doing this project as I think I have hearing about it. They really enjoy it. It is about the quest of getting that person in the boat I think.

This year, Andrew and his group – Vu, Hannah, and Libby – managed to get Dr. Greeny, the Klein Oak HS principal to agree to get in their boat. They had to prove to their Physics teacher that this was in fact the person they managed to get to agree to ride by having Dr. Greeny send Mr. Parent an email stating such. I have to say that they have a totally awesome principal that he did not just send an email stating that he was getting in the boat, he sent an email alluding to the fact that he was being taken hostage.

Dr. Greeny agreed to be in costume for this. See what you cannot see in the picture of boys carrying the boat is the boat is the mast with a big sail with a round smiley face with a pirate patch over one eye. You may not even be able to see that they decorated the outside of the boat to look like it was a wooden boat. They made a pirate ship!!! Evidently there is going to be pirate hats and patches involved in the costumes. There was mention of them even getting Dr. Greeny to wear a GoPro camera for the whole thing.

I hear that there was some negotiation on the amount of extra credit points they will receive for getting Dr. Greeny in the boat with them. Their plan is to get all the way back across the pool and then make a return trip across the pool…this is a trip of sabotage. I do hope those GoPro cameras are as waterproof as they say they are.

I am actually kind of sad that I will not be there to see the races but they will be when I will be picking up Lance from school. I cannot wait to hear all about it.

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