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When you have issues with food, it is inevitable that you will get excited about finding “new” things that you can eat. I will admit that I got excited when I saw this jar at Sam’s Club today.

Now excitement for me is often short lived, but this jar does not disappoint. There are over 40 fluid ounces of green chiles to delight the taste buds!

The best part? There are over 40 fluid ounces of green chiles to delight the taste buds and not much else. It is green chiles, lime juice, and garlic salt. Three simple ingredients.

Now I am not foolish and know that a lot can be hidden in a couple of those ingredients but at least the list is short and easy to understand on the surface. I am actually quite content with that. Good wholesome ingredients that I can eat and in vast quantities.

I wish I had seen this jar a week ago before I started the bulk freezer cooking extravaganza. I made Creamy Chicken Enchiladas and Beef and Bean Burritos. That is a lot of food by the way when you make it from a whole chicken and a whole roast. I even managed to find true Kosher Tortillas. I was kind of excited about that. I ended up rolling Cream Chicken Burritos because I ran out of the size pan I use for the Enchiladas. See for once I had plenty of tortillas.

My freezer is full of Enchiladas and Burritos that I can eat. It is not just Italian Sausage Lasagna that I cannot eat. I am happy about that. Of course I am going to have to pawn this off on people so that I can get other things in there. Well there is one pan of Honey Dijon Chicken and a couple pans of Chicken Tortilla Casserole that I can also eat, but the bulk of it was Lasagna. I am just thrilled that a little bit of work and it is all done. I just needed to get enough tortillas to make them all.

Now I have a really big jar of Green Chiles to cook with and I am happy.

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