There is flexibility

Just so we are clear, I believe that there is a lot of flexibility in certain things. Just because there is flexibility in certain things, however, does not mean that we are throwing everything to the wind. We do not do things simply because it is convenient to us. We do them because that is how they should be done and how the natural order of things suggests and dictates how they should go. It does not mean that it is set in stone, per say, but it is a good rule of thumb for the natural progression of things.

This does not mean that we should just throw it all to the wind if we do not like something or it would just be “easier” to do it another way. Things in life are not easy and just because something is not easy does not mean that we suddenly get to change other things to make everything “easier” because we go into a panic to fix things.

I firmly believe when the Lord’s hands are in things, the natural progression of things is usually the best way to work. This leaves a lot of trust in some things, especially when things suddenly get rocky and they do not always look like they are going to work out. Suddenly half of your “plan” falls apart. I have learned that if we take a few deep breathes and just take a few steps back, things will fall into place how they are supposed to happen. They may not be how we originally planned them, but it will be how they need to happen. The key is to just remember the Lord’s hand in all things even when we think we are in charge of things. We may be in control of certain things, but even He will guide us when He wants things to work out a certain way. The key is to not panic and make rash decisions.

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