Is it really December 5th already?

I am baffled how this year has slipped by so fast. At least that is how it seems. In so ways I am relieved, in others kind of baffled how another year got by without me noticing that it just slipped by. Maybe it is that I was busy enough. Maybe I was too busy. I have not decided yet. I am not sure I am going to make a decision on that this year. It is what it is at this point. The fact remains that it is already December 5, 2013 and there are still things to be done this year and it is rapidly approaching the end.

First, let me confess to being the one person that has their Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving. It goes up after turkey is consumed. I am a firm believer that the turkey gets his day. Thanksgiving is a nice holiday for me. I always enjoy it. I love pie, what can I say. Pumpkin, Mincemeat, Apple, Cherry. It is all good. I want turkey and pie before I start hearing and singing Christmas Carols or I start decorating for Christmas. The tree is up the day after Thanksgiving however. Once I have had my turkey and pie, all bets are off.

True confession time, here. I never fully took down the decorations from last year. My nativity set is still firmly planted on the top of the book cases in the living room. There in all of its beauty and glory. It has been since last November. Yes, November of 2012. I put it up and I was going to take it down and then I got busy, sick, distracted. Then the year just kept going and going. Now the year is gone and it is time to put it back up. There was a point there was no sense in taking it down any longer so I just left it up.

Here we are at December 5th and my Christmas tree is not up yet. It is still tucked away snugly in the bags in the closet under the stairs. The place where it goes is mostly ready for it. The blankets just need to be moved to another location – easy. With the sickness that we have been trading around the house, however, there is no motivation. There is no energy and no motivation. First it was Lance’s mono. Then it was Andrew’s strep. Now it is my sinus infection (the second one I have had in as many months). Andrew still is not well. Kyle is complaining about a sore throat and stuffy head. Lance is spiking fevers again. Andrew’s fever is higher than it was while he had strep. Yes, we are passing it all around again.

I fortunately, feel much better today than I have in several days. Today I am really struggling with the fact that (1) my house is not ready for Christmas in any way, shape, or form and (2) I am not ready for Christmas. I am always ready for Christmas by the time December hits. I am not ready for it. I am not in the mood. Bah humbug. I just do not want to. I cannot get myself motivated whatsoever. I do not know what is wrong.

The funny thing is, I am partially done with shopping for part of the extended family. I have bought gifts for all of my nieces. I have one nephew left to purchase for and then I am done with them. I already bought my one sister a gift. My other sister told me what she wanted. My brother I have no idea. I have no idea what to get for my parents. My brother-in-laws (all 3 of them) are as good of a guess as anything else. My mother-in-law I know what I am getting, I just need to purchase it and send it off to her as with her husband. That is easy. I can even order that online and send directly to her. Pretty easy stuff there. Then there is the sister-in-law. Hmmm. My grandparents. Hmmm. Yeah. Big question marks. The even bigger question marks are the kids. Good grief. I live with them. The husband and the two older kids are getting stuff they need for Philmont so that’s pretty much set in stone but alas there is the youngest one…

I just am not feeling it today. I have not been feeling it. I am totally not feeling it at all. I am sure I will but I do not feel awesome and I am struggling to get there. I am sure when I get to feeling better again, I will find that Christmas mojo again but right now I am not. I suppose I should not feel bad about it, but I do.

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