I have to go shopping today

Last night my kids gave me a shopping list. It is that time of year.

Andrew needs a blanket for a blanket drive. He is in Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society) and he does not have enough points for the semester to maintain membership. He gets a point of he brings in a blanket for the Blanket Drive they are doing at school. Evidently the blankets are going to children. At least I know I have no size restrictions like it has to be a queen sized blanket or anything like that. A trip to Walmart should take care of that. If not Target might have some on clearance. Heck I might wander into Tuesday Morning. 
Kyle needs snacks for tonight. They are doing a “bring a friend and a snack” thing for young men’s tonight. I looked in my chocolate chip bin last night and I am down to my last bag of chocolate chips. This would be because I opened the other bag because I needed some chocolate to consume last night and the semi-sweet chocolate chips were as close as I was going to get. I was going to have to go buy chocolate chips anyway because both bags were semi-sweet chocolate chips and that is not sufficient for chocolate chip cookies. It just does not work! Sorry! Nope! Can’t do it! Anyway a trip to Walmart is in order for the chocolate chips. I have to make cookies for Kyle’s orchestra concert on Monday too so I needed to get more anyway. 
Lance asked if he could take a small, new, and unwrapped toy into the school for the Toy Drive that they are doing. I can get one of those for fairly cheap so most likely I will give in and let him donate. I asked what the Toy Drive was for and he said, “for the kids that won’t have toys this Christmas.” I think he left something out there, but at least he understood that it was for other kids and it was about giving to others. We will take this one step at a time. 
I think I have a toy for Lance already. It was a gift I bought for someone that we ended up not using because they already had it or something like that. It was sufficiently cheap (got it on a good sale) I have just kept it in my stash for quick gifts. I will see if he wants to give that. Since it is a small Lego set, I imagine he will think that it is a pretty cool Toy to give for a Toy Drive. It is something that he would like to get. 
That narrows down my list to two things. 
Since I have to go out and take the older two boys’ orchestra shirts to the cleaners for their concerts next week, I suppose I will wander out then. 

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