We have another green belt…

Lance has missed many days of the last couple of weeks of karate. I was caught a little off guard when Ms Parenti told me that Lance was going to test today. I actually told her that he was not going to. There was no way that he was ready because he had only been a couple of days in the past two weeks when they would have been reviewing for the test. 
I know that Lance is a very hard working kid when he wants something. I know that he had been working hard toward getting his next belt, but I also knew that he was not quite ready for the test. Needless to say I was in shock and actually was not ready to let him test. They assured me that he was ready to test. I relented and let him. They were going to be testing 10-11 other kids. 
I have to say that I am glad that I let him test, he nailed this test. He did fabulous! Sure he was not perfect on every little thing, but I think by far this was probably one of his best performances so far. He even broke the wood board without hesitation on his first try.
Congratulations Lance on your new Green Belt!!! Next stop, Purple Belt!

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