The gift of vision is priceless

I did not think I would miss it with another child, but alas I did.

With Kyle I managed to miss the fact that he could not see very well until we took him in to have his eyes checked before he went to school. He showed no typical signs that he could not see clearly. I was assured that this was common with far-sighted children. They can see just fine for their every day activities, it is when they start to get into those every day things like reading and writing that it starts to matter. He could see the TV just fine. He just could not see the finer details on the board at school. He would not have shown any signs until the finer details became important.

I took Lance in and had his eyes checked a year earlier if I remember correctly. His eyes were fine. I slept easier knowing that. I had his eyes checked the year he started school. He was fine again. We do eye exams annually for the most part, but the past couple of years I have pushed them off for a variety of reasons – scheduling them being the biggest reason.

Today I had a free afternoon due to a cancellation of Cub Scouts so I took the opportunity to schedule Kyle and Lance eye exams with the optometrist. Now I am glad that I did. Lance mentioned on the way to the office that things were getting a little “less clear.” I had not heard this complaint up to this point so I kind of dismissed it immediately, but he kept talking. Evidently they had already done their back-to-school screenings in the nurse’s office and he forgot to tell me what they discovered. I had not seen a note with the results so I had no idea. He gave me some indication that there was something going on with his screening. Kyle said, “those screenings do not tell you much.” I on the other hand assured him that everything would be fine because I was taking him to a professional eye doctor and he was getting his eyes checked today. He wanted to know what would happen if he needed glasses today. I assured him that we would go pick him out some glasses just like we would get Kyle’s new glasses.

It takes a few minutes to get two kids through complete eye exams. I am glad that I made the exams, however.

Kyle has been terribly far-sighted since the day we first discovered his vision problems. It has improved a little over the years, but he has always been far-sighted. Over the past couple of years, his vision has improved dramatically. He is now 3 steps less far-sighted than he was previously. That is very encouraging in my mind. I am very happy for him. It meant new glasses were in store for him. They were in order for him anyway because the ones he had were getting old and were really too small for his face.

Lance was my surprise. He really was not lying when he said that they found something wrong with his vision during the nurse’s screening. I am just curious as to why they had not sent home notice about it. Today was honestly the first I had heard anything about it and naturally it was on the way to the optometrist’s office. He has a weak eye. It is not bad. Truthfully, he has visual correction in only one eye and not the other. Still it means glasses for him too.

I actually was not sad buying glasses for two boys today. I knew it needed to be done. I was grateful to be able to do it for both of them. I am truly grateful for my own vision and know how important this “gift of vision” is. May the world be a little clearer for them in a few days when their new glasses come in.

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