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I knew this day would come. It was bound to happen sooner rather than later. It was just the usual waiting game with it being summer and the list of prioritized “positions” to get through. We as Cub Scout leaders had submitted to the fact it was going to happen and it would be okay when it did.

I will voice the general and initial consensus among us Cub Scout Den Leaders, however, as these are the thoughts that are rarely heard. They are rarely spoken. “NO!”

Initially, when we heard that our Cub Scout Committee Chair was going to be serving as a Seminary Teacher the general consensus was mutually the same – our hearts sank. We had a committee chair that understood our needs and supported us as leaders. He might not always agree with us, but if he did not he at least heard us out and let us have our say. He stood behind us. He realized that the bulk of the work in the Cub Scout program fell on our shoulders and that the boys did not get things done because the Committee worked, the boys got work done because the Den Leaders worked.

I will confess that Den Leaders need a strong Committee to back them up, but ultimately the Den Leaders can pull the boys through thick and thin if they want to keep going and carry that weight. It is a burden that many Den Leaders do choose to carry if they are truly converted to the “job.” Once they catch the vision, they trudge on through it all…through thick and thin. It does not matter. Having an amazing Committee to back them up and make things just work makes it all worthwhile and makes it all the easier. I tip my hat to a great Cub Scout Committee that does not try to shut down every action that the Den Leaders try to do.

The fact remained, however, that being a Seminary Teacher is a big deal and it is a lot of work. It is one of the callings in the LDS church that is big enough that they generally do not ask you to do too many other things while acting in this capacity. That reality, however, means that we knew that with most certainty our Cub Scout Committee Chair, Bryce Black, would be released and we would have someone else step up to take his place. It is not that someone else could not take his place, it is that he did such a wonderful job. His wife, Katie Black, did a wonderful job stepping up to the plate as the unofficial Advancement Chair. Together as a team they totally helped make sure things ran and things worked. They made sure that Pack Meetings happened with the awards. They were amazing. That being said, I am sure Bryce will do an amazing job as a seminary teacher. Katie will be giving birth to their sixth child in seven short weeks. It is a lot to ask of anyone.

So we waited anxiously to see what would happen. The last few weeks have been a mystery because we have been in limbo as a result. Today during Sacrament Meeting, however, that all changed. They announced across the pulpit the news we as Den Leaders had been waiting for. They released Bryce Black as the Cub Scout Committee Chair. We knew it was coming. It was not a surprise. What was the surprise was the individual they called in his place.

I honestly try not to question inspired choices. My confession is that my initial response was “what were they thinking?” Then almost immediately, it was followed by the thought “the Lord qualifies those who he calls.” To this, I have to say, I firmly believe. Lord knows that I only make it in my callings with His help. My moments of questioning reason were quickly washed away and excitement replaced them. For this I am grateful.

Our new Cub Scout Committee Chair is Walt Smith. I am excited to work with him in Cub Scouts again. This time it will be in a different capacity. He served as our Cub Master very briefly. At that time life’s circumstances interfered with his ability to fully serve to the fullest of his ability (or at all). I do not want those circumstances to jade or color the circumstances now. They are not the same. He needs a clean slate to work with.

I would like to think that we all are given a clean slate to work with when we need it. We have a very loving and forgiving Heavenly Father that can overlook our shortcomings when we need it most. We just need to humble ourselves and ask for forgiveness. We need to ask for help or ask for forgiveness whichever may be the circumstance. He is so merciful that He is mindful of us and grants us whats we need and what is in our best interest. He loves us so much that He wiped our slate clean for us. Why is it that we have such a hard time doing this for other people or such menial things?

This is a new page for Cub Scouts. We start with a new Cub Scout Committe Chair. We will start by planning a Parent Orientation meeting at our next Committee Meeting. It actually cannot be better timed if you ask me. Now to get off my butt and get some of the topics laid out for that meeting since I am in charge of planning that meeting as the Pack Trainer.

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