Good customer service

Let me say how wonderful the customer service at Select Comfort is. It is wonderful.

Last week when I was washing the linens on our bed, I was a little dismayed when I pulled the mattress covers out of the washer. We actually have two mattress covers on our bed which might seem excessive to many but at the time it was not. We had small children and even babies so piddling in the bed was a possibility and I did not want that to happen. Also I had a tendency to sweat a lot with my temperature flashes often waking up with my side of the bed soaked so again I did not want this to affect the mattress. Hence I wanted a waterproof mattress cover. 
Select Comfort had one that did not feel or sound like you were sleeping on plastic. Also if we bought it with our bed it would provide us with a 10-year warranty of sorts on stain protection and what not. Sounded pretty good to me. Mostly I wanted to protect the investment we were embarking on from the kids and our own sweaty bodies (mostly mine). It was all good even if I did not like the price at the time, they were going to give me a discount off the purchase with the bed. So we did it. 
Well fast forward a few years to this past week. I have not had any problems with it. It has been washed in two different washers and now dried in two different dryers. No issues. Except this time…
As I pull it out of the washer I notice that the waterproof layer is not normal. I take a closer look and sure enough it has a hole in it. I pull it all the way out of the washer and hold it up and it has literally pulled away from the terry cloth that this mattress cover is made from. There are multiple holes in it. I am not happy to say the least. There are pieces of the waterproof liner in my washer. 
Needless to say, I was not putting this in the dryer in this state. It was not going to help the situation. I personally did not feel that it was safe to put it in the dryer in its current state. I threw the regular mattress pad in the dryer and then went online to see if they still made this particular waterproof mattress cover. I could not find it any where.

I initiated an online chat with customer service. It was close to closing time if not already after closing time of their customer service over the phone. I just wanted to know if there was anything we could do. It had been a few years. Frankly, I was not expecting much. We had gotten a few years use out of it and while I am not sure I got my $80 worth of use out of it, it has been on my bed every day for the past several years. I have not had any complaints about the product until this washing.

To my surprise the online Customer Service agent was very helpful. He asked for my information so that he could access my bed purchase information. Believe it or not, they are a company that keeps track of this information. They even kept track of the fact that I had in fact purchase this mattress cover at the time of my purchase of the bed.

With a few questions about my identity and the purchase of the bed I was told that they would replace the mattress cover. What?!. That was a little more than I had anticipated. I was expecting to pay for another one at a discounted price. I usually get a discounted price because I own a bed. I was not going to argue with the person in the chat at all. Evidently, the product has a warranty on it and this was under warranty. I asked if it was going to be the same item because I could not find it on the website. I was told that it was not, it would be a Total Protection Mattress Pad. I did see those on the website. I was told it would be at no cost to me and I should receive it within 2 weeks. No complaints from me.

I went back to the website after hanging up and checked the price on the mattress pad. I remember it being quite steep. The listed price on the website was $219.99 for this mattress pad. Yikes! They are more than welcome to send it to me at no cost. I will not complain one little bit. I will sing them high praises for their customer service. First their customer service with our platform problems and then this, I am quite happy with how I have been treated.

Needless to say, it arrived today. It was a fast delivery. I was doing linens last Friday. It arrived a week later. I just need to pull it out of the packaging, give it a good washing, and get it on the bed. 

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