Lance has gone blue…

The natural progression of things in karate is that the child will eventually be ready to test for their next rank…eventually. Having seen two older children go through this natural order of progression, I knew that this rank progression becomes something more at some point. It becomes an actual hunger for the next belt. They actually become hungry to learn things for their next rank. It is actually fun as their mom to watch that point hit and that natural drive kick in. It is really fun to watch. I think Lance has finally hit that point. Interestingly enough, this is when the other boys hit it too. Right about the time they were about to test for their blue belt, that natural desire to improve and better themselves kicked in. It is all uphill from there.

Lance took his test for Blue Belt with another girl in his class named Meredith. The two of them are actually quite cute together in the way that they “perform.” Lance is quite boisterous in comparison to her quiet personality. They both work very hard and maturity wise are probably the two that are on key with each other when Lance is not distracted by the other boys. 
I was quite impressed with Lance’s show of discipline during his test. Here he was sitting very straight and still while Meredith was doing her forms for Ms Parenti. They were both quite stressed during the test. This test was hard for both of them on a “stress” level. I think this is the first intermediate test they take and it is a step up in intensity and expectation for them. One of them (Lance) messed up first and then it stressed the other one out just as much and they messed up too. I think that actually helped them relax a little because they knew they were no longer in competition to be the best anymore. They were equal. 

Lance is a power horse when it comes to the breaks. He has no fear of breaking a board at all. None. For this test they broke a real half inch board. Here is what his palm looks like after going through the board. He got it through on the first try. He nailed it! Way to go, Lance! Of course after the initial shock that he actually went through the board he was showing faces of actual pain and was willing to show me his palm and how red it was. Yes, that stung a little more than he expected.

He is officially a blue belt. Next stop green belt…his favorite color…

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