Giant art

I will be the first to admit that some things are just crazy, but giant art? Absolutely not, this is just totally awesome! We first caught the glimpses of Kyle’s group art project at his final orchestra concert of the year. It was on display in the library at the school. It was off in the distance. So close, but oh so far away. I wanted to get into the display and see more than what I could see through that window. 
Can I just say that I LOVE the fact that our school district embraces the arts with both arms. In fact, it flat out bear hugs them. Yes. Bear hugs the arts. The arts are an important part of Klein ISD culture so to speak and I am grateful for that. It is because of this that the very reality of GIANT ART becomes reality…

Yes, my friends, that is a GIANT Ice Cream Sundae! A paper m ache giant ice cream sundae complete with cherries, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, sprinkles, other toppings, and I believe it was 4-5 different types of ice cream. 

They even had to name their creation. I think it is appropriate. I am just sad that there was not a fight to bring it home between the four of them. Kyle won if there was. I must be the only crazy mom out there. We found a prominent place to proudly display that monstrosity in our house! It is totally awesome!

The place of choice, is visible from the street if you are paying attention. It is going to totally rock someone’s world if they are looking! Who would not smile when they saw a giant ice cream sundae?

I can’t wait to see what his entire portfolio reveals from this year’s work in art. What I have seen so far in the hallway at school and this giant bowl of fun make me excited for next year. May the arts live on in our schools and our lives.

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