We have a sort of confirmed date

I have made it no secret that I am getting super excited about the new Sprouts Farmers Market coming soon only 1.5 miles from here. I am getting more excited as the days go by. The storefront is looking more and more like a grocery store that is recognizable as a grocery store. After driving by the new Aldi Store locations, it just made it all the more exciting. The Aldi store locations were a big let down by their size alone.

All of that aside, there is a semi-confirmed date on when the store is opening. I had in an email, knowledge that the store opened in April sometime. According to their Facebook page it confirmed that. Someone has evidently received advertisement stating that it opens April 17, 2013. I have not received any advertisement at my house as of yet. At any rate, they did confirm on the Facebook page that they do in fact open on April 17, 2013 at 7:00AM. How exciting!

Guess where I will be on April 17? I probably will not be there at 7:00AM as that is a school day and I will be getting kids to school but after I have gotten kids to school that day I will be rounding up my mother and we will be hitting the brand new Sprouts Farmers Market. 

Actually, I found out earlier upon researching and trying to confirm the opening date that the store in Katy, TX (across town from us) will open March 27, 2013 at 7:00AM. I asked mom if she wanted to wander across town and check it out before our store opens up. She sounded like she was up for that. At the very least we can go check out their bulk supplies for the few things that she is interested in trying.

It is getting closer.

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