My crazy kid

It was that time again. It was hair cut time. Now it is a standing joke around here that it is not “hair” cut time but “hairs cut” time because we do not simply get one hair cut. We do in fact get them all cut.

Lance was going with Daddy to get his “hairs” cut and I told him that he needed to get them cut shorter than normal. I did not want to go back too soon. With three boys and the husband, trips to the barber add up fairly quickly when they all go at one time. Lance got lucky this time that daddy was insisting that he (daddy) get that haircut today. Lance was the only on available to go with him at the time. So Lance got to go by his lonesome self with daddy to get his haircut.

This is what I woke up to this morning. I was not home when he came home, showered, and went to bed last night.

My crazy kid, Lance. Yes, I do believe that he is related to the Hellewell clan because there is that tongue. Yes, that is a trait that is shared by many a Hellewell in pictures. We wear our tongues proudly. It captures in pictures well, don’t you think? I asked him to pose for a picture and sure enough his tongue came out. Silly kid.

I ask him to smile big for me so I could get a good picture of his haircut. Sure enough he does. Yes, this is definitely a Sansom just like his father. He gets this from his dad. A big smile anyone? Lots of grin here. Silly, crazy kid.

Yes, I do in fact love this crazy kid.

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