It is getting closer

This morning I got up at an ungodly hour to drive my older sister, Ann, to the airport. We had to leave our parents’ house by 5:00AM. She was meeting me there and I would drive her to the airport from there. It is a nice little drive. It takes roughly an hour round trip. That is an hour round trip with no traffic and literally throwing the person out at the door with no mushy gushy time at all. It is essentially a “get out” and “good bye” and you are off again.

In route to the airport, I essentially made a big circle on the drive. There was not much traffic at that time in the morning so I could pick whichever route I wanted to take and be safe. Coming back, however, the traffic was going to be picking up a little bit as people were crawling out of bed and hitting the roads on their way to work. Of course once I hit certain roadways going a certain direction I would be in the clear as no one would be going that direction, everyone would be going into town for the most part. I would be going out of town.

On the way back, I picked the route that would bring me up past where the Sprouts Farmers Market is going in. Much to my delight the signage for the store front is up on the store itself! Not only that, but the windows were rid of any obstruction, the lights were on inside, and you could see inside. It is open and airy and nice inside. I could see that from the street as I was driving quickly by. Nice!

So we are still early in March. The store does not open until sometime in April. I am getting excited. Open. Open. Open.

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