Homemade trail mix – no nuts

I cannot let my family have all the fun with the homemade trail mix. They like it. They say it is really good. We keep tweaking it and it keeps getting better and better. Frankly, I like it too. Unfortunately, my digestive track does not like all of it. No nuts for me.

Here is my version without the nuts. It looks kind of bland, but when I sit and eat all of the fruit out of the little baggies and put the bags of nuts back in the drawer the kids tend the complain. It was not really fair the poor unsuspecting child that pulls a bag of all nuts out of the drawer, was it? I rather liked the apples without the salt all over them, but I kind of missed the saltiness from the nuts.

Unfortunately, the lack of nuts cut back on the yield the trail mix produced overall. Since I can guarantee that at least some of my children will pull from my nut free stash at least part of the time, this is not a good thing. I cannot hit a happy medium here.

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