It is official

It is official, there is something no longer standing in the corner of my living room. It came down this evening. One should not pay the fact that it is the middle of February any attention.

I started taking the ornaments off the tree a couple of weeks ago, but progress stalled there. I got busy and focus shifted to other things. At that point, it was not February yet. Frankly, there are pictures in the past of it being into March and the tree still standing so we are good. I am doing good, it is before the middle of February and it is officially down and out of the living room. Now of course I still need to finish getting all of the ornaments boxed up and put back into the big tubs and put away, but the tree is down and out of the living room. The floor needs to be vacuumed as well.

I got the ornaments off and I had Andrew and Kyle disassemble the tree and get it into the two huge tree storage bags. Andrew wrestled it into the closet under the stairs. Since I had already previously rearranged the closet under the stairs, I was pretty certain it would fit in there. This is a huge improvement over years past as it has been stored behind the chair in the corner under a pile of blankets because it would not fit anywhere else. We have moved up in the world. Go me!

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