Heart attack

My husband was out of town for Valentine’s Day. We do not usually make that big of a deal out of Valentine’s Day anyway. We did our thing on Sunday before he left.

Still, it does make a difference when someone makes you feel special for no reason at all. Someone lets you know that they care, just because they really do. Of course they do not need a special day to let you know that. I have the best Visiting Teachers in the world. They did that today. I left to go pick up Lance from school today and this is what I found on my door as I was pulling out of the garage…

My door had been “heart attacked” at some point during the day. I am not entirely sure when. There was a small gift for me. They were quick and they were quiet.

The little sign to hang up. They may not always come and visit me every month, but they do make an effort to make sure that they get some contact with me. They do love me. Thanks guys for making my afternoon a little brighter. It was a crazy kind of day.

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