Wonderful color

Tonight we had fajitas for dinner. I love fajitas. Unfortunately, the vegetable part of the fajitas are not a 100% good thing for me anymore. That did not stop me from fixing them for the rest of the family. I will get my color and vegetables another way.

I had a large sweet onion, yellow bell pepper, orange bell pepper, and a red bell pepper in the mix. I sauteed them with a little olive oil and minced garlic, sprinkled with my favorite peppercorn medley mix. The color is lovely and bright. Perfect for fajitas.

Mixing it all together made me wish that I could eat those bell peppers. Since they are a migraine trigger for me, I stir clear of them. No bell peppers for me. The onions, however, are another story. Maybe I will eat the onions. They smelled so lovely. Nice and fresh. I did not even cry when I cut this onion. Typically, I do try to cut back on the onions because I belch them so badly and it is not a good thing. Tonight I might splurge because these look so good.

While the vegetables – onions and bell peppers – are cooking down, it is time to cook up the fajita meat. I would like to say that I am a spectacular fajita meat cooking machine. I am not. I am actually quite lazy when it comes to fajitas. I prefer to have it already done for me. It is not that I cannot do it myself, I am just not the kind of person to slow down for it. Tonight’s Chicken Fajitas are brought to you by H-E-B. I do like this Texas Grocery Store chain for this purpose. This particular package at H-E-B is not too pricy and it is a lot of meat. It was under $5 and it will serve us up fajitas for at least two meals with us eating as much as we want. That is quite fine of a deal for me. It might not be a deal for some people, but for a splurge for us as we do not have fajitas all the time it is just fine. Since it is Saturday and Sunday is usually a left-over kind of day it will work out nicely that we will have two meals back to back already done.

The bell peppers and onions all sauteed and ready to go. They smelled absolutely divine. I had the cheese, guacamole, salsa, tortillas and meat ready to go as well. It was time for a good wholesome family dinner together.

A movie would follow. There was some disagreement as to what movie would be watched. There was a pile of movies to choose from. It was narrowed down to two movies – The Lorax and The Amazing Spiderman. There was a mild argument that started. There was a genuine coin toss over this to make the decision. The Lorax won the coin toss. There was a mild disagreement over how The Lorax won the coin toss. We still watched The Lorax as it won the coin toss after all.

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