The weatherman goofed on this one

So you can always trust that if you do not like the weather here, just wait around a little while and it will likely change. This is true during the non-summer months. During the summer, it looks like someone laid the forecast down on a photocopy machine and laid on the button.

Today, the weatherman said we would be in the high 70s. That was not bad as far as I was concerned. It actually is unseasonably warm for this time of year from what the weatherman was telling us on the news this morning. Not to worry, it was not hot. It was not even uncomfortable by any stretch of the imagination, it was just a sign that spring was fully here and winter was a thing of the past.

In my venturing out today, it certainly was not weather to complain about. It was comfortable. It was a but warmer than we were used to from the previous weeks but it was not uncomfortable. It was definitely sandal weather in my book.

Out of curiosity, I just looked at the temperature for the day.

The 81˚F that the weather app on my phone was showing was definitely higher than the estimated high temperature of 77˚F. I thought it was a bit warmer than they anticipated. Still this is not uncomfortable, just warmer than anticipated for the day.

Of course, the rain tomorrow will be a change. It always changes. That is of course, if we actually get the rain they claim we will get tomorrow. They say there is a cold front coming in. Then again, compared today it is a cold front. They have assured us, however, that it is not a “cold” front per say. It is a cool front. I will take that. 

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