You will have to wait and see

This morning I am taking a trip across town to Penzeys Spices. You will have to wait and see what I purchase and what it inspires. Actually, this trip will be a limited trip as I was told to “not have too much fun.” What exactly does that mean? Really? I am totally serious. Does that mean I can have fun, but not go over board? Does it mean that I should restrain myself completely? Or just part of the way? Or should I just go all the way and have as much fun as I want as long as I do not have “too much” fun? See that is a completely open ended statement. Nonetheless, I am sure there will be some fun to be had in the kitchen after the trip. I will try to restrain myself and only get the things that I “need” as I have run out of a few things. The good news is that I will take another trip soon!

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