Three weeks and I almost forgot!

I got so carried away with all the weather last week that I almost forgot to update you with the new totals of how well we are doing on our riding.

We managed to ride every day last week. We made it five days in a row. We made it morning and afternoon. No short week. And no unexpected shortening of the week. We rode shine and rain…

We just finished three weeks…

Our grand total after two weeks was roughly 68.5 miles.

After another week on the bike, we added roughly 40 more miles, bringing our total after three weeks up to 108.5 miles.

I should add, that this is how many miles that I am doing. Lance is riding roughly half that much as he is only doing about 4 miles per day. I am racking up twice that as I ride with him to school and then I have a return trip and then I go back to the school to get him and ride back with him. I do two complete round trip rides where he only does one.

At any rate, it is good mileage no matter how you calculate it. He is doing it. I am doing it. It adds up very quickly, one mile at a time.

The weatherman assures us that the rain chances will be less tomorrow. It rained again today. Not badly, but it did rain. It does not bother me, we have been through way worse in the last week. It is what it is. I think I will have Lance put a chance of dry clothes in his backpack just in case so that he will have a set of clothes to change into if we ever do get stuck in the rain on the way to school one day.

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