The difference a day makes…

We rode to school this morning. I am grateful that we were not the only ones that braved the chance that weather could be treacherous again this afternoon. The bike racks at the school were looking extremely empty this morning.

It is amazing the difference a day can make in the weather around these parts. You might remember that just yesterday we were looking at a full seven days ahead of us of thundershowers?

That is not so much the case anymore. That is fairly normal for around these parts. They say that if you do not like the weather to just stick around, it will change. It always does.

At least the temperature is nice.

Of course, the question is whether we made the correct decision to ride this morning? Looking at this weather forecast, a 30% chance of rain is fairly good odds in my opinion.

Of course the best judge of whether or not we made the right decision to ride this morning or not, is looking out the window. Right? One might conclude that by looking out the window one can tell what the weather is like.

Let me show you what is shining out my back window. This is through my tinted windows!

Notice the reflection of the blinds? The white glare at the top of the frame? That would be the full glare of the sun beating down on the back of our house. The sky looks darker because I am shooting through my tinted windows. Now, do not let those big fluffy clouds fool you because those are what we saw yesterday we I left the house. Right about the time that the big claps of thunder started. 

Those were not much different from the skies I was seeing yesterday before the clouds became an ominous black and the bottom fell out of the sky less than an hour later. So I will take the weather with a grain of salt this afternoon. I still say that a 30% chance of rain is pretty good odds that we will not get wet on our ride home this afternoon.

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