It does not get much better than this

The weather today was absolutely beautiful. Low temperatures in the morning. The high temperatures not breaking the nineties, I believe. Amazing!

The bike ride this morning was outstanding! It was brisk compared to other mornings. Just amazing. Lance asked the question about what the weather was going to be like before we left. I snapped these screen shots before we left. Unfortunately, there was some disagreement between the iPhone app pulling from Yahoo! weather and the Weather Underground website. Either way, it was wonderful.

 What? Was it really 59˚F in early September? I am not sure we will know for sure because it did not agree with the Weather Underground website by a few degrees, but it was definitely a lot cooler than the 70˚F + we had been experiencing the days and weeks previously overnight.

This is from the Weather Undergound website and according to it, we were sitting at 65˚F at roughly the same time. So a little difference in temperature. I am not entirely sure where they are pulling their details from so I will have to do a little bit of research on that and see if I can find a closer match. I was trying to verify the temperature. It was hard to believe that we could really be that cool this early in the year, but the numbers do not lie. We really were cool and we probably should enjoy it while it lasts because we will be hot again soon.

I can tell you that I did enjoy the bike ride this morning. I even enjoyed the bike ride this afternoon. It was delightful. I actually did not come in drenched in sweat. I did get hot in the afternoon and I did sweat, but it was not profuse sweating and my clothes were not soaking wet when I was done. It was nice. Very nice.

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