I will probably do that again

I am actually surprised that it took me this long to do it, but I am sure that I will do it again at some point in the future. Nevertheless, it hurt.

On the way to school, I managed to bash my knee while dismounting the bike upon approaching the school property. It hurt but I was in a hurry as the crossing guard was already crossing Lance and was holding traffic for me. So I walked the distance all the way in to the school with it hurting. Right at the edge of the kneecap.

While Lance locked up his bike, I pulled up the leg on my Capri pants so I could see and sure enough there was a good sized bruise already forming. Not cool. I still had a two mile ride home. I am just grateful I listened to the small prompting in my head this morning. I was not going to wear the denim Capri pants. They are not as comfortable to ride in, but today they did offer a bit of protection between my knee and the back of the bike that I brought my knee down on hard. Sometimes those promptings can protect us from our own carelessness and the times when we rush and are just not on our usual game.

This is what a good bruise looks like less than thirty minutes after inflicting it. That is after a two mile ride home. It is very lovely now later in the evening. Fortunately, it did not spread much further in size, just darkened in color. Unfortunately, it still hurts and it is right where I can bump it on lots of other things as I go about my daily life.

I can add this to the the two on the inside of the right shin that have been there for three and an half weeks from where the pedal hits repeatedly. They say repetition is a good teacher. Evidently I have a learning problem because every once in a while I have to refresh my memory and hit the exact same two spots again and refresh those bruises again.

These are the hard knocks of bike riding repeatedly, especially with a younger child in front of you that does not always warn you when they are about to do something stupid like STOP suddenly or swerve.

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