Meet the teacher 2012

It is back-to-school time again. The day has finally arrived. Lance will lie to you and say that he was not excited, but I will tell you that he was excited although a bit apprehensive about going to the school and meeting his teacher today. There is something about the big day and going back to school in general that makes the children a little bit excited and a little bit not so happy. Lance was both.

I am sure that he does not want to stop the lazy days of summer, but I am also sure that he is tired of them just as much as I am. Alas, all good things must come to an end. Today, Friday, marks an end to those days…almost. School starts on Monday, August 27, 2012.

Does this look like a child that is unhappy about going back to school? I am not entirely convinced that he is unhappy to be there. He was so excited about going back to the school, he put almost all of his school supplies in his backpack and carried them instead of me carrying them. “It is not that much. I can carry them. You have to carry these because they won’t fit in my backpack.” That was what I heard. He then proceeded to take them all out of the bag I had them in and put them in his backpack. With a face like this and with what he did, he is going to have to work a lot harder to convince me that he was not ready to go back to school.

Today, Lance got to meet his teacher for the first time and drop all his school supplies off at the school. 

Each of the classrooms have “cubbies” in them for the children’s supplies and things. He will put his backpack, lunchbox, and bicycle helmet in there every day when he comes into the classroom. Here he is putting his school supplies into his cubby. I am sure that they will be sorted out later to where they need to go and whatnot, but today she was having each of the children just put everything neatly in their cubby until Monday.

Second grade is the last year that I will have to buy these special writing tablets. I am kind of sad about that. Okay, so I am not “real” sad about that. They are the worst part of the shopping list every year. They are expensive. There are several of them on the list in 2-3 different types. This year we had to have 3 different types and 2-3 of each type. That adds up quickly when you are paying roughly $2 or more a tablet. That and the art papers are the bulk of the school supply expense for the younger grades. I cannot say that I am sad to see that part of the expense go away. That being said though, it means that my baby is growing up. Progress is good, but progress means that my baby has hit another milestone and he is growing up on me. I am not generally one that gets all sappy and watery eyed on everyone about the milestones, but the reality is this is my baby and he is not so little anymore. Personally, I am happy that I do not have a baby or toddler anymore but he has been a lot of fun the past couple of years. The next couple of years are the funky attitude years and really I am not looking forward to those.

Lance was very dutiful in putting all of his school supplies in his cubby very neatly. He did exactly what his teacher told him to do. He found his cubby and neatly stacked everything in there.

Ms Johnson had a little surprise for each of the students. It was something for them to open and read with their parents the night before school. Here she is handing Lance his little handout (surprise).

Lance with his second grade teacher Ms Johnson. She seems very nice. He seemed to like her. The fact that she teaches math and science should perk him up quite a bit.

Second grade is the first year that the children have a switch teacher. They actually have a homeroom teacher and a second teacher that they switch with during the day. That is a big change for Lance. So he thought that it was odd that Ms Johnson was only going to teach him a few of the subjects. He declared that he did not like to read and that he was not very good at it. This is totally not true. He actually is better than he thinks he is and actually a very good reader if we could get him to be more confident in himself about it. She reassured him that it would be alright.

Lance with Ms Figarou, his switch teacher. She is his reading and language arts teacher. I am not sure exactly what the break down is in subjects but she definitely has the reading and language arts and Ms Johnson has math and science. At least this way he will have at least one teacher that he will like and one that will have to work really hard to get him to like her. Ms Figarou seemed very nice and she seemed fine with his lack of confidence in reading. That actually reassured me that he would be okay. I knew that he would be okay, but having that feeling that someone else felt the same way was reassuring too.

All in all, I was impressed with my first impressions of his two teachers. We will see how it goes the rest of the school year.

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