Tinkering again

One of the dinner favorites around here is “Tetris with Zucchini” aka Tetrazzini. They couldn’t say it the first time I made it or they sorely misunderstood me and the mispronunciation has stuck. Now every time I make it, they call it that.

Now the favorite recipe is a Turkey and Ham Tetrazzini. It is a hearty serving for a few calories. I really do mean a few calories. You get two cups for under 400 calories. So hearty and not too bad for you.

The problem with this recipe is that I no longer eat pork so the ham is out. Normally, I would just make it and leave out a couple of servings for me and leave the ham out of those – pork goes in those recipes last…normally.

Tonight, however, I did not have turkey either. I did have an entire roasted chicken left in the fridge crying for my attention to be used up…perfect, right?!.

The solution…Chicken Tetrazzini…

Of course, upon examining the recipe again, I was going to have to tinker a little bit more with the recipe…

Why? I didn’t have a few of the ingredients. Others were simply on the “do not like” list for more than one person on the family.

No worries. Tinkering is my specialty as Kyle likes to say.

You chop up the left over chicken. It does not have to be pretty. It does not have to be exact. It simply has to be chopped. 
I used Penzeys dehydrated bell peppers and red bell peppers. I did not have any fresh and these were in the cabinet waiting for the perfect opportunity to be used. They had been in there a while. This was the perfect time. They are simmering and rehydrate fairly well. Due to their age, the coloring is a bit off. 
You add your chicken and remaining ingredients.
In the pan, in the oven. Cooked spaghetti noodles mixed in. Topped with seasoned bread crumbs and shredded cheese.
It was really good. The roasted chicken added extra flavor to the combination as I did not take the skins off. The bell peppers added a nice touch. 

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