The million dollar question is?

I asked of two of the children on the way home from retrieving the oldest from school, “what do you want for dinner?” I thought that was a fair question. I had two of the three children in the car – Andrew and Lance. It was just me and the boys for dinner as Ben is out of town on business again (first trip of the year). I knew in the back of my mind I would get a perfectly useless response (or in this case, responses). I remained hopeful though.

We were approaching a large Kroger store so I could swing in and grab a few supplies if I needed to cater to crazier whims if they were unique and interesting and certainly appetizing requests. I didn’t get much in return.

I threw out “chicken quesadillas?” I got a “sure” in response. Of course I remembered that I did not have quite enough chicken to make enough for even our “one down” numbers.

I was preparing to pull into the Kroger parking lot when Andrew chimes in, “do we have any of those pizza bites left from last night? I’d really like to have those again.”


I should insert here that on the way to karate last night they were begging for us to have leftovers tonight so they could have it again. Frankly I am a bit surprised it got to a discussion at all tonight.

So tonight we had leftovers that my kids BEGGED to have!

This is Lance’s half devoured one.

This is what they look like reheated in the microwave.

Now I should let your know that there was some aggressive negotiations going on over who was going to get what kind of pizza bites. Supply was limited. There were 2 pepperoni and 6 chicken alfredo. Lance got there first and claimed the pepperoni. Andrew claimed that he called dibs in the car. Kyle was content to just be fed and was happy with the chicken alfredo. I stepped in and said they had to share and split the 2 pepperoni and take 1 of each. Dinner was peaceful again.

I have to say that they were just as tasty warmed up as they were fresh out of the oven. A winner all the way around.

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