Not giving up hope, just yet

The Supreme Bed Wedge trial last night was not as great as I hoped it would be. This is blatantly obvious as I am up before 6:00AM and I went to bed at nearly midnight. I did not sleep all that well. It could have simply been the change. I do not always do well with change so I am not throwing it out the window just yet. It was too expensive to give up on just yet.

The biggest problem, was the comfort level. By 5:00AM, my back was just uncomfortable and I finally removed a pillow from the stack to help. I am not sure if it was the way I had slipped in the bed at that point or what. It did not start out that uncomfortable. This did seem to help, but I was uncomfortable enough that I was having flashbacks of waking up on an ordinary bed and those days were over 3 years ago.

Of course for a brief few seconds I wondered why I hadn’t walked into the Select Comfort store and bought their version of this thing. It was only a few fleeting moments. I remembered. Price. Theirs is over $50 and this was $30 minus $20. Even with my Select Comfort owner discount, I could not beat the price I was about to pay. I believe theirs was made out of the same general materials and the same general size. That does not mean that It would not have been better, it just did not convince this skeptic. Why? They did not have one in the store for me to try when I was in there. Fail!

Removing the pillow from the stack, seemed to help a tad, but I am stiff. I am still stuffy this morning. We will not hold that against the Bed Wedge. I have reflux with heartburn this morning. Again, I will not hold that against the Bed Wedge because that is probably not the fault of the product after consuming a food choice with BBQ sauce on it for dinner. I have determined that my stomach believes in the “do not get even, get ahead” philosophy and it sometimes goes a little overboard. I feed it, and this is the thanks I get in return?

The one good thing that I have to say about the Bed Wedge is that I was able to roll over and sleep on my side a bit more comfortably. It has been so long since I have been able to sleep on my side comfortably with all those pillows. That was actually nice. You should notice that I said a BIT more comfortable. I was not there for long as it was only a bit. I was uncomfortable in general and mostly all the way around, so the Bed Wedge really did not have a chance.

So I am not making a final call on this, just yet. The preliminary studies are only so so. It was better but it was only marginally better. Maybe tonight will yield better results. I am going to give this an honest trial. I have got plenty of time as this reflux problem is not going away any time soon. Not until they figure out how to fix my lower esophageal sphincter without interfering with my ability to swallow efficiently.

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