Holding up traffic again

We have been attending the same karate studio for 10 years this month when Andrew started at the ripe age of five years old. It has been ten years of growth for him. Now all three boys attend and have been for a while.

To this day, however, I take a minute to watch as they go in the door. Many might think that I am just being a cautious mother. To all of you, yes I am.

The real reason I hold up traffic in the parking lot as I drop off the boys and watch Andrew, Kyle, and Lance is because of what happens when that door opens and they step inside. That simple act brings a moment of refreshed pride and pure joy to my heart every time I drop them off.

When they walk in, the entire dojo is called to attention and they all bow and show their respect to Andrew. Sometimes, like tonight, it is Kyle (the next highest ranked student present) that is calling the dojo to attention and saying “bow to the black belt.” I sit there long enough to watch as the entire room (they are in a store front with all windows across the front) stops what they are doing and bow to my oldest son.

Andrew is a second degree black belt and has been for over 2.5 years. He is over due to test again but he is not quite ready yet. There is talk about pushing to get him ready.

There is also talk of getting Kyle ready for his black belt test soon. Kyle is the highest level brown currently, but he cannot currently test due to the time between tests that has been set by the studio, system, and/or instructor. He should be ready about the time his wait period is up, however.

Lance just went into the big kid’s class so he’s behind his brothers a bit. They changed the way they were doing things a bit after Kyle so different program for the younger kids. No worries as I think he will progress very quickly now that we have transitioned him to the older class. He might actually take his first belt test fairly quickly because looking at the stuff he needs, there isn’t much he does not know and he will pick up the other stuff after a few run throughs.

To all the impatient people behind me in the parking lot, I am not sorry that you are in such a hurry that you judge me for the brief moment that I take that moment to take pause and watch my children walk inside the doors of the karate studio. I have done it every time so you so be used to it by now. One day, maybe you will understand their accomplishment and give them their due respect. Or maybe you will not. Either way, I will continue and for those brief moments the impatient world can wait until my children are safely inside the door and my son has been bowed too.

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