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Last night for dinner, I wanted something hearty. I am not typically a soup person. I prefer something a bit meatier than most soups come. I usually do not go out of my way to torture my children either. Lance does not like soup. He will flat out announce every time, “You know I do not like soup” or “You know I do not like pie.” That is pie as in chicken pot pie or beef pot pie. I personally think the pie issues are in his head.

I have recently found one soup that Lance would eat – chicken tortilla soup. Unfortunately, it was not going to be on the menu for last night because I was missing some of the ingredients. Not having a car really puts a cramp in my style. This and the fact that many of them are tomato based. Not going to sit easily with me. Nevertheless, I have found two recipes that I am interested in trying. Even “tinkering” with. This was not going to solve our dinner problem last night.

However, I remembered that I had previously obtained a couple of packages of “fresh” tortellini from Randall’s and had stuck them in the freezer. What could I make with two packages of Three Cheese Tortellini? Well, tortellini soup, of course. Now I would have to tinker with most of the recipes. I finally said, “forget this” and set about working on my magic potion on the stove.

This is what the scrumptious an hearty soup that everyone wanted to call a stew looked like…

This picture was actually taken after everyone ate. No recipe. Just ingredients and an idea. A package of chicken tenders/strips. Two packages of the three cheese tortellini. A package of frozen corn and green beans, each (it was what I had). Some Penzeys Spices. Love these! Some fresh ground pepper medley blend. Some chicken broth.

The best part was that it WAS good. My husband liked it. The kids liked it. I liked it. Then there was Lance, who should be included in the kids but he is the exception in this case simply because he does not like soup. He mostly liked it. He ate all the chicken and left all the veggies and picked at the tortellinis. It was not a total bust with him, it just was not a winner either.

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