Another year has come and gone, but look forward always

Another year has come and gone, but we cannot look back at what has escaped and been left behind. If we do we will miss the opportunities that lay ahead of us. Those are the moments we must embrace with open arms…

As we go into 2012, I hope that each one of us will look to find some way to hold our head a little higher and look forward to the things the lay ahead of us. May our chin point us toward the things we want a little more clearly. May we find the smile across our face, even if a little crooked or a little weakened. May we lift our head off the pillow one more morning and take joy in whatever lays on our path that day because we were granted another day. May we find joy in the little things.

May we reflect on the things that have gone behind us as they help mold us into who we will become. They do not define us if we do not let them, but if we learn from them we can overcome them and become better people if we need to be.

Let your past mold you. You are not dry and fired clay as of yet. We are still soft and as long as we hang onto faith, remain charitable, meek, humble, and submit to the will of the Lord we will remain soft and supple like that still unfired clay indicating that we have not reached “our” perfect state. Until then, we get to keep trying, learning, and growing. The best part is that when we screw up from time to time, we get to try again.

This year will be another year of that “trying to do better” but probably having the feeling and appearance of “falling way short” but in the end I know that it will be okay because as long as I get to do it all again in the morning, I am doing just fine. I have to keep reminding myself that I do not have to be perfect, I just have to be making an effort. Am I doing something to make sure that I am doing something to make myself better? Did I do something to improve? Did I do something to improve the life of others?

So when you are sitting there looking at the “new year” ahead of you, reflect on the difference you have made and look forward. Reflect on the things you would do different and do them. Do not dwell on the things that you cannot change. You cannot change them. Make amends where you need to make them and move forward. If you you need to take the first step, then take it. If you need to say the first word, then say it. If you need to stretch out the hand first, then stick it out there for someone to grab.

The facts are simple, we make the year ahead as good as we want it to be but we only make it that way one day at a time. Each day we get to start over and make that day better than the one before. We do not have to be perfect. We just have to do better. Are we going to screw up? You bet. I count on it. I already have 35 years behind me to prove that I am probably going to disappoint someone, tick someone off, drop the ball, or something else. What I am hoping for this year is that for everyone of those not so great things there will be at least one amazing thing happen as well.

So here is to a great 2012! May all our hearts run over with greatness…

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